Your CC (creator coin) is unique to you.

This will go up based on a number of factors, the main contributors are actual investments, and engagement.

BONUS CC TIP — Since engagement drives up CC, selling while someone is active (and their CC is high) can sometimes be very lucrative. BUT this can also be a rookie mistake and you may regret selling too early, since this is still so new and everyone will continue to keep going up!

I am holding on to most of my initial investment, I feel like every investment I made is a lottery ticket, and it’s too soon to check if it’s a winner!

BUYING YOUR OWN CC (creator coin)

Here’s what you need to know, buying your own CC first, gets you in at the lowest price — HoDL! If selling your CC know that your investors will get notified and could decide to sell you too. Reinvesting consistently keeps your CC stable.

If someone else holds a lot of your CC and more then you do, then if they decide to sell all of yours one day (dump you), your CC value will dramatically drop. This isn’t something I would be too worried about. When you are low its gives new inventors another chance to get in at a lower price, and give current investors a chance to buy more.

Additionally, eventually BitClout is going to stabilize and your CC will consistently grow organically and stable.

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