What you need to know about Creator Coins

CC (creator coin) are the monetary value attached to your personal profile. 

Your CC price has two distinct ways to increase its value. First way is through investments. Investments can be made by other creators on the platform, and you can invest in your own CC as well. I highly suggest investing in yourself, it shows other creators (potential future investors) that you believe in your account, as well as gives you the opportunity to capitalize on your own personal success (which is so cool!). The second way is through engagement. The engagement aspect of your CC value is slightly less stable than investments, unless your engagement is consistent. This is what is going to make your CC fluctuate. If you are very active for a week straight, getting on global, interacting with other creators, getting likes, comments and reclouts, your CC will increase. If you go off the platform or a week, your CC will decrease. WARNING this is why the platform is so addicting. 

Buying your own CC first is the move. Being able to get in at the lowest price your coin will ever be is an opportunity you only have once. 

Initially your CC will fluctuate. This is not something you should care too much about. It will stabilize as you find your groove on the platform. 

Since engagement drives up CC prices, you may start to notice investments you made in other creators are climbing while they are active. This can be a very good time to sell your investment in them while  they are active and their CC is high. But could also be something you regret down the road as we are all still so new, and we are all going to be going up for a while, until we finally stabilize as a platform. 

Having many investors is more desirable than having a few big holders.  The worry about having few large investors is as soon as one of them sells, your CC price will take a big hit. Owning more shares of your own stock than any other single investor is the most secure way to control a big drop in CC price. If you do have someone who owns a large amount of your shares, and sells all of them, lowering your CC dramatically, is a great time for you to buy back into yourself, as well as let your followers, investors, and potential new investors, get back in while before your CC price climbs again, and it will! 

Consistent valuable content and engagement will drive up your CC price. AKA be your authentic self and your CC price will rise! 

See you at the moon! 


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