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It’s still the early days, so it’s safe to assume everyone on the platform is tech savvy— to say the least.  But for digital entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and professional high stakes poker player Alec Torelli; this would be an understatement!

Alec, in addition to being an early Bitclout superstar is the founder of Conscious Poker, a training platform that has become extremely popular.  

With bitclout being so new, and currently explored as a paywall/ social network/ crypto currency hybrid— it will be interesting to see the crossover with gambling!   Perhaps entrance invites, pots, and bets will be related to CC one day soon!

Some of Alec’s areas of focus in his digital entrepreneurship are blogs, keynotes, and videos.  Subjects such as: The role of luck in life, maintaining a positive mindset, and handling adversity and setbacks.  He is committed to helping his followers and supporters build their own mental fortitude, and improve their overall quality of life!

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In its early days, bit clout has naturally become one of the most supportive and positive places on the internet.  Whether it continues this way remains to be seen, but there is definitely a huge thirst for exactly the kind of content Alec and his team have been putting out there.

Be sure to follow Alec on Bitclout at his page here:


We’ve been huge fans of his for a while, and are so happy to be able to support and follow Alec as he spreads the positivity and amazing advice on the clout!

To the moon!


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