Are Seed Phrases secure on Bitclout?

There has been a lot of speculation on the internet over the last few days, as to whether or not there is a breach in the bitclout network– that would give access to uses private log in info– essentially giving those who work on the backend, access to users accounts.

This, if it were true, would obviously be a HUGE problem for users, and the bitclout network as a whole– but luckily it seems that this was large and by a smear campaign organized by parties who oppose bitclouts success (for example big players in bitcoin, or other rival markets).

There were articles popping up everywhere, from major publications– basically saying “its true!”, however after a little further investigating, we are quite confident it was all just a ruse.

According to the developers community, accounts are secure, and this was a coordinated smear campaign by competitors.

According to @diamondhands, one of the major players in Bitclout, this issue was resolved literally over a year ago BEFORE going live. There has been an apparent huge collective effort within the developer community to create a truly robust and decentralized “social currency”.

So early on in the game its impossible to know where things will go from here, but if you ask anyone on the platform– that answer is TO THE MOON. 🚀

Our concerns are definitely silenced by our insane excitement, and optimism for what the platform can promise.

Investing in People > Investing in Companies

To the moon!


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