BitClout is paving a new path for creators of all kinds, and really has the potential to make a huge shift in the music industry specifically.

BBC (Before BitClout) you could support your favorite mainstream musicians by going to concerts, following them on social platforms, buying merch etc. But not a lot you could do to support newer growing musicians, producers, artists etc.


Imagine being able to support unlimited artists + music producers you believe in , the opportunity to peruse their dreams + careers, while investing in the empire and profiting from your joint success.  Now stop imagining because that’s exactly the opportunity BitClout is providing us. 

Some musicians + music producers have already started to optimize the potential and are utilizing the potential of the platform. Highly recommend checking out @ClayPerryMusic , @BennyBlanco , @kygomusic , @Diplo , @SteveAoki . Who will be next? 

The platform has become extremely addictive and it is currently proving to be because the energy and exciting potential of limitless avenues is so real. The feeling people are experiencing must be the same feeling early investors in Facebook had.

To the moon!


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