Re-Clouting is here, and its here to stay!

If you’ve been on the platform for some time now, you’ve been waiting for this– and probably have tried that illusive, but non-functioning button over and over again “just in case” to no avail!

All of this has changed, and with such great power surely comes great responsibility! But how do you use the RC feature responsibly? In the early hours of the feature being rolled out, it was messy. People were RC for the sake of re-clouting, feeds were getting flooded– and experiments were being conducted.

Now that the dust has settled, 24h later, what does the current RC landscape look like, and how can you RC responsibly?

There are many approaches to the feature, from simple “props” or admiration, to promoting someone else, or even promoting yourself! There are some accounts who are using the feature to compel RCs by promising to purchase coins of a “random RCer”.

Whether or not this will last– only time will tell.

The one trend that isn’t going anywhere for sure is: QUALITY > CONTENT. … So it will be interesting to see how much patience people will have for flooding feeds of RCs.

To the moon!


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