CC Perks + Incentives

Still being the early days in the wonderful world of Bitclout, it can be hard to wrap your head around the current landscape, let alone imagining what things will look like in 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year…

Daunting as it may seem, that is precisely what a growing number of early celebrity adopters are doing.   Artists are challenging the status quo for creators in all creative spaces!   Fine artists, Musicians, and content creators en masse are flocking to the platform— for its huge potential to disrupt the status quo— which is notoriously unfair artists.

Its impossible to know exactly how things will shape up, and things are definitely a little chaotic at the moment— but thats part of the fun of it!

There is a true innocence on the platform, with new features and opportunities being rolled out constantly; artists and their supporters are able to interact + invest in EACH OTER like never before!

Some trending perk models currently being adopted on the platform are:

  1. Using Creator Coins as a paywall, offering perks and incentives only to tiered groups of coin holders
  2. Offering cross-promotion for re-clouts, follows, buys etc..
  3. Offering Investment in coin holders own coins
  4. Countdowns to invest in own coin
  5. Commitments to hold CC for minimum amount of time

All of these methods have their pros and cons, with opinions falling on both sides of the coin — which is the “best” approach.

Only time will truly tell where the USERS take things— but one thing is for sure: Bitclout is for the people, and by the people!    

Where the people take it— is up to us!!

To the moon!


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