CloutMedia Op-ed

Hi, Its CloutMedia. 

BitClout Has Changed The Way I See Social Media For The Better! The Community, And The Way Investors Can Now Invest Into Themselves, Has Blown Me Away! 

I Want To Thank “TheQueenOfClout” For Giving Me The Chance To Speak On BitClout, And Really Give An Insight Of What Its Currently Doing For Me, And The Future It Holds! 

I Was Lucky Enough To Hop On Board Early, And Claim The Name “CloutMedia” Which Was One Of The Ideas That Just Popped Into My Head. I Believe To Be One Of The First Accounts Covering All Round News, In Different Topics, (Crypto, Sport, And Celebrity News).

Overall, Im Having A Lot Of Fun Using BitClout, And See A Bright Future For Both The BitClout Coin And CloutMedia!

Just Want To Help Out Some Up And Coming Beginners.. The Site May Seem Hard To Get A Hold Off To Begin With But, You Should Be Making Your Way Around All The Features In No Time! Including The New “Reclout” Feature. If You’re Familiar With Twitter, You Would Know How The Retweet Feature Works, It Allows One Users Posts, To Reach A Wider Audience If Retweeted By Another. BitClout Is No Different, If Your Posts Is Reclouted By A Major Influencer, You’re Guaranteed To Get More Likes On Your Posts. 

So Lets Start With What I Learnt From My First Week On BitClout…

Firstly, There Will Be Investors Looking For New Ideas Constantly, So If You Do Happen To Get Lucky And Have Someone Invest Into Your Coin, Its Critical To Keep Them Hooked Onto The Coin, This Could Be Done By Staying Active On The Site And Keeping Their Feed Updated With Posts, Inactivity Can Result In The Investor Selling The Coins, Which Means A Loss In Profits. 

Another Thing I Learnt Was That Coin Price Isn’t The Most Important Thing Instantly. You Would Want To Work On Building Reputation, And A Platform For Your Future Coin Holders. I Managed To Do This By Constantly Posting, And Being Involved With Conversations In The Global Feed. 

Once You Got The Idea Of How To Navigate The Site, And Know How To Please Your Investors, You’re Pretty Much Ready To Roll. One Extra Tip Would Be To Look For Small New Users, Just Like You, Who You Think Has Huge Future Potential. Investing In New Users Could Result In Huge Profits Down The Line! 


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