EXCLUSIVE: Q+A with Demi Skipper from @Trademeproject

If you’ve been on Bitclout over the last few days, you’ve probably come across the AMAZING content @Trademeproject is putting out there.

Demi Skipper is the genius behind the meteoric success of their CC, and has been an early leader in the Bitclout community– providing a refreshing example of what social entrepreneurship can look like!

We were beyond excited when Demi agreed to take time to provide some insight into Trade Me Project ‘s success, in addition to providing some super helpful tips for anyone on the platform.

We are huge huge fans of everything Trade me project, and cant wait to see them take over!

Courtesy of @Trademeproject

Where did you first hear about Bitclout?

Clubhouse – that platform specifically has been a really great resource for me to meet lots of different people and hear more about things that are happening in the Crypto space.

What was it about the platform, that first drew you in? Why?

BitClout is really something special. While there are tons of consumer facing crypto products on the market, there is nothing that has succeeded in combining a social platform and a crypto platform together. To me, this is the dream scenario at the perfect time. 

(I should note that in my real life, I work in tech building consumer facing apps)

What is your favourite part about the platform so far? Why?

The networking. In the span of just a few weeks I have been able to connect with more people through BitClout than any other platform I have ever been a part of.  

Who is your favourite account on Bitclout? Why?

Ohh this is a hard one, I honestly don’t think i’m ready to pick one. I will say, some of my favorites are not actually people, but tools that are going to greatly improve the BitClout ecosystem in the future.

What’s the most exciting, yet to be realized, potential of the platform— in your opinion?

Well, just answered this one above. For me, the most exciting unrealized part of this entire platform is what its users are going to build on top of it. We have already started to see entire economies grow from BitClout (there is a newspaper/newsletter, tools to analyze data, tools to give to charity) We are at the very beginning of seeing what people will build with BitClout at its foundation.

What one piece of advice would you give new users to Bitclout?

Interact on the platform. So many accounts you see on BitClout sign up, but then never interact with their investors. To me, this is a missed opportunity. As coin holders on BitClout, we have this incredible opportunity to connect with people who see value in us, interacting with them is where the magic begins.


If you arent already– Follow Demi and The Trade Me Project @Trademeproject on social platforms or at http://tiktok.com/@trademeproject

To the moon!


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