What happens when a Creator “Cashes Out”?

This is a question that has been circling around the inter-webs for the past few weeks, with more and more uncertainty and anxiety seeming to build— as it remains the last “Elephant in the Room” of Bitclout for many.

Just like the complexity of the question itself— the answer is equally complicated, with nuances depending on the TYPE of Creator account.

One of the OGs in the space, and a true trend maker, @craig lay down some knowledge and amazing best practices today, with his response to @pseydonymsaur ’s questioning what will happen when he follows through on his pledge to ultimately donate a significant amount of coin to charity.

Craig’s response was a thing a beauty, and for us @TheQueenofClout , answered that last glaring 4 thousand pound question— what happens when a creator sells?

Screen grab from http://www.bitclout.com

For @craig the answer was simple: let your coin holders decide!   The simplicity in this betrays Craig’s fundamental understanding of the platform— it is for the people, by the people!  

Every creator, with their own approach to business, life, and the clout will surely have an equally nuanced approach to how, if and when they exit—but we think Craig is on to something major here, and cant wait to see his updates on his precise strategy as he rolls out more details in the coming days.

To the moon!


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