What’s the ceiling to CC prices? .. And what exactly is a “Bonding Curve?”

Once the initial excitement starts to fade, and you realize that you’re going to have to put in the work to become a “Bitclout Billionaire”, all the intricacies and inner workings of coin value, growth, market caps, coins in circulation, and locked values can get pretty confusing— pretty quickly!

Fundamentally, Creator Coins prices are linked to how desirable they are.  Desirability is determined by an array of factors— almost always linked to growth potential (or in some cases because CCs serve as paywalls to premium products or services).

If people want a coin, they’re going to buy that coin— and the more people that buy a coin— the higher the value of that coin rises.

When someone buys your CC (creator coin) their investment goes into locked USD.

The market cap is 3x the locked USD. If you divide the market cap with the amount of coins in circulation you will get the coin price.

This relationship is called a “Bonding Curve”, which occurs due to the limited availability of the asset, and the increasing demand— meaning subsequent buyers have to consistently pay more for the same shares.

To the moon!


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