EXCLUSIVE: Q+A with @twntyfour

To say this past year has been tough would be an understatement, but few industries have felt a bigger impact on their bottom line than the music industry, with live music basically becoming non-existent GLOBALLY overnight.

Musicians, and artists en masse have had to adapt with the constantly changing, often scary, and uncertain times. Emerging from the veritable mess of this past year are trendsetters like @twntyfour — an OG on the Bitclout scene.

Twntyfour is a super talented recording artist who has been blowing up from Roermond in Netherlands, and proudly represents his Donderberg neighbourhood– AKA ThunderHill.

Read our exclusive Q+A below to learn more about his take on Bitclout’s current landscape, and where he hopes to see things go from here!

What is it that first attracted you to Bitclout?

The first thing that got me hooked was the idea of people invest into my carreer. As a underground artist you constantly look for opportunities to grow your reach because as an artist you want to get your music  heard by as many people as possible.

How do you see Bitclout playing a role, in your career as a musician?

personally I think it will kickstart my carreer, cause now my fans/supporters will be able to help their favorite artist to grow. and it’s not that they just give me money, my growth equals their growth. me going up means them going up with me so I think it’s a great way to bond with my fans.

What other music related Creator Coins are you most excited about?

as of now haven’t seen a lot of music related pages, I think @BitRap will be huge, @6ixbuzz too. I also brought some smaller musicians to the platform. one of my real life homies who just started producing called @JulyHeat is also trying to get his name out there. On another note I will be using my connections to get bigger artists on the platform too because I would really want to see those artists use their reach to get smaller artists on the platform.

In your opinion, what value does Bitclout offer Musicians? What Value does it offer fans?

Like I mentioned earlier, the fact that fans can help growing their favorite artist by investing in them will create a different type of bond. the artist goes up, the fans come with them.

Have you thought about different types of perks or incentives you may want to offer your Coin Holders?

Yes. as of now I just want to be active more on Bitclout than other social media, Grow my reach, which is a good thing for all of my investors because they invested to see me grow. I also have been thinking about a feature on the platform where you can post things on like a different timeline that’s only to be seen for the exclusively investors, but we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for that! so @cloutfeed if your watching… And I also can’t wait to be posting audio/video clip too but we’re still waiting on that. Once I get my funds up I will also be investing more money into my own coin.

What’s one piece of advice you would give new artists, as they enter the platform?

One thing I learned is, you gotta be active. Like for real. Also bring value to the platform, have open minded convos with other creators on for example the global feed. Share your thoughts on possible new feature for bitclout. Another thing I wanna add is invest in yourself and the people you wanna see grow and don’t add too much value to the price of your creator coin, it will grow the more value you bring!

What do you think Bitclout means big picture to the status quo in the music industry? 

I think music labels are going to have a tough time because in the current music business they are the investors for artist, Bitclout is definitely going to shake that up since everybody is able to invest in their favorite artists.


We expect BIG things from Twntyfour ahead, and have him soundly locked on our Who to Watch Radar.

Make sure to checkout their new music at: https://lnkfi.re/TWNTYFOUR

To the moon!



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