@Stonkie Op-ed

Hi my username is @Stonkie but I also go by Austin, I first found out about Bitclout from a friend on the wall st. bets trading discord. He invited me and told me he bought some crypto and it was a social media type of site that gives people a voice backed by crypto which peaked my curiosity.

I used to be a full time crypto trader but switched to stocks when covid decided to ruin 2020, so I decided to check Bitclout out. I verified my phone number and immediately got my first $7 from Merlin as I’m sure you did as well if you’re reading this from Bitclout and if you haven’t joined yet hopefully you will after reading more. 

I didn’t know what to do with this $7 dollars until I realized you can buy your coin as well as others and double your original investment. This interested me extremely as I trade stocks and help your normal retail trader get a leg up in the market through education and trade ideas. I figured if this was a community you can buy and sell personalities based on their creative ideas/posts that there has to be a lot more other similar people on here. Which there is I found out.. Among some of the other large variety of people, wether be it your mom and pop T-shirt maker, your NFT art collector or your favorite app developer. They’re all here on Bitclout which give’s it a great sense of community and amazingly diverse economy.

Now some people may look at trading peoples ideas in a weird way but until they’ve fully experienced the diverse, giving and amazing economy you really can’t knock it. After my first $7 from merlin I looked around the site and was wondering how I can gain more “clout” and I came across @GiftClout. Who is an amazingly nice guy who literally give’s away ten’s of thousands of dollars if not more to each person on the site. Well one night he accidentally type out his seed phrase(which is a password essentially) and immediately some of bit clout’s community tried to step in and help but like everywhere in life, where there is money there is people with malicious motives. Prior to this happening, over $40k+ in funds was given away to people with absolutely no motive other than to be kind and generous.

Every time you login you can look on the sidebar and see who is the richest of them all, you’d expect to see Jeff Bezos, or Elon Musk (who’s currently #1 in terms of Bitclout funds in his account), But even he has competition from the Bitclout boys. The Bitclout boy’s are a more 2021 version of the Backstreet Boys except on Bitclout. 

They all are on the sidebar under top weekly creators — but why they’re there in the first place brings up a divisive point.  Critics say they’re there simply for being wealthy and people storing funds in their name (in the tune of millions of dollars we might add!).  Others clearly appreciate and support what the Bitclout boys are offering, and want to be involved in the rising tide of value they are creating for themselves— and their coin holders.

What ever your view point— its impossible to ignore the insane growth occurring in all directions on Bitclout.

I dream of a day when there is a spot on the home screen to profile everyones favorite mom and pop shop, or an up and coming musician— trying to make an extra buck on the side.  Given all the love already being spread on the platform, Im optimistic features like this are already in the works!

Behind the scenes of Bitclout, in the Bitclout pulse discord (not affiliated with Bitclout in anyway) is amazing. If you feel like you have a brilliant idea and/or concept for Bitclout — you can have 10-15 minutes to “shoot your shot” as they say.

The people that run the discord are extremely diverse and the community in it just as much, if not more so. It’s filled with people from every walk of life, full of unique people that are putting out new content not based on their coin’s value but based on their idea’s and uniqueness. 

Bitclout is a thriving, brilliant community built upon diverse ideas and concepts — which is precisely what makes Bitclout such a great place! 

It’s still early days, and yes there will be things happening on the daily as with any thriving ecosphere — but I remain optimistic things are only heading up, as Bitclout is a consistently improving economy of ideas and people.


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