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Today we were lucky enough to catch up with Clay Perry (@clayperrymusic— an insanely talented and ambitious recording artist; hailing from Fort Worth, Texas.  Clay was one of the first musicians and NFT creators to come on Bitclout— and is making some serious moves to ensure he continues to stay one step ahead of the pack.

Clay has been making music since day one— but his professional career took off roughly ten years ago, and the rest as they say is history.  When talking with Clay about his plans for Bitclout— and trying to get a sense of how he’s been able to find so much success, relatively quickly with the platform— Clay explained he sees Bitclout as a natural progression to his career, not some new mystery in an enigma to unwrap.

“Ive been on all the social platforms, you know, I’ve seen Myspace and Zynga come and go— so I’ve had to learn all these new skills on the fly (in addition to making music); like marketing, and self promotion, interacting with fans.. so now with Bitclout, I’m able use everything I’ve learned”

When asked about what kind of a role he sees Bitclout playing in his music career, Clay immediately responded that he sees Bitclout as being one of the central pieces of his online presence.  

Clay, being a trailblazer in NFTs in addition to Bitclout also sees this cross-over as being integral to his success on the platform.  “NFTs are the future for me, I plan to release all my future music as NFTs, instead of the traditional services like Spotify, or iTunes— and everyone for the most part already knows what an NFT is on Bitclout, so there is already demand in the market”.

Tonight actually marks the night when Clay is auctioning off his latest single, aptly titled “Bitclout” as an NFT.  Clay explained that he sees NFTs as an opportunity for artists themselves to actually own, and profit fairly from their work— where as the current status quo is largely in the favor of the labels and conglomerates.

Clay has big plans for his coin holders, with lots of innovative and exclusive perks planned— and one such hotly anticipated drop is a new track dropping this 420 (April 20th) with none other than the legend himself, Snoop Dogg!

For parting words, Clay offered any musicians considering entering the platform this invaluable insight—  “Bitclout isn’t like the other platforms, you have direct access to your fans and coin holders, and they have direct access to you.  You’re not going to be drowned out by some A-list celebrity, you can really communicate and connect with people on Bitclout”.  

Clay recognizes this is partly due to the relatively small size of the platform, but for him it has more to do with the connections creators have with their coin holders “For the first time, fans can be a part of the success— they want you to succeed like never before, because your success is their success; so Bitclout has turned into this really positive and supportive community”.

If you haven’t checked out his music yet— stop what you’re doing, or better yet crank his tunes, and enjoy what you’re already doing that much more!

Clay, his Creator Coin, his NFTs, his upcoming track with Snoop, and all his other— yet to be released plans have certainly gotten our attention, and we cant wait to see where he takes things from here!

To the moon!


BitClout — Clay Perry Music

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