Who are the Cryptonauts?

So you sign up for Bitclout, the honeymoon glow of excitement starts to dim— and you realize there is a whole community of creators and investors out there; that you’re NOT a part of… What do you do?  Call the Cryptonauts!  Or to be more specific— DM them.

The Cryptonauts are a group of likeminded individuals who have found commonalities on the platform, and decided to band together— to ensure a sea-change of equitability is on the horizons.  At the helm of this noble mission are: @samiudell , @valegenta , @helenowen@amandajohnstone@trademeproject@renatavc, and @whitneyfransway .

Together, this group of talented creators and innovators have an impressive collection of skills — from CEOs and Entrepreneurs, to Wellness Influencer, Venture Capitalists, and Celebrity Chef.  This deep well of knowledge and experienced has allowed Cryptonauts to achieve unprecedented heights, virtually overnight.  

@samiudell and Priyanka Chopra

We were lucky enough to have the chance to ask @renatavc to share some insights into the initiative, and the more we learned— the more excited we got about everything Cryptonauts!!

The group met on Bitclout, and discovered each other— as some of the most active creators, who identify as female, on the platform.  The group got together to discuss ways to amplify each other, and all female creators— the rest as they say, is history.  

“It doesn’t matter what the distance between people is.  Even over chat you can build a bond, so after a few hours of chatting a bond was built and we created Cryptonauts.

We’ll be doing many different things, but the first on the menu is a weekly announcement of a new female creator who gains the most engagement on BitClout. 

As of this moment, it’s @rizarais !”

For any creators out there, who want to get on their radar— make sure to identify as female, by profile and content— and as always: create value for the Bitclout community!

To the moon!


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