Who are the Cryptonauts?

So you sign up for Bitclout, the honeymoon glow of excitement starts to dim— and you realize there is a whole community of creators and investors out there; that you’re NOT a part of… What do you do?  Call the Cryptonauts!  Or to be more specific— DM them. The Cryptonauts are a group of likemindedContinue reading “Who are the Cryptonauts?”

How to create a multimillion dollar tech company, from home: An interview with @sigil from @bitswap

What’s the one “un-ignorable and problematic” issue with Bitclout?   You can’t take out your money.   Even if you are a true believer, and you’ve gone all in with the platform— this question has probably crossed your mind: how will I ever get my money out?  If you’ve tried onboarding a friend— it’s definitelyContinue reading “How to create a multimillion dollar tech company, from home: An interview with @sigil from @bitswap”

Exclusive Interview with @ClayPerryMusic

Today we were lucky enough to catch up with Clay Perry (@clayperrymusic— an insanely talented and ambitious recording artist; hailing from Fort Worth, Texas.  Clay was one of the first musicians and NFT creators to come on Bitclout— and is making some serious moves to ensure he continues to stay one step ahead of theContinue reading “Exclusive Interview with @ClayPerryMusic”

What is a Bitclout “Index Fund”, and should I invest?

In the world of Bitclout things happen fast.   It was little more than a few weeks ago, that the platform came into existence— and already there have been layers upon layers of innovation building new and exciting ways to utilize the platform. As with any emerging industry or market, those who adopt and perfectContinue reading “What is a Bitclout “Index Fund”, and should I invest?”

To NFT or not to NFT? That is the question.

With the lines getting blurrier by the day between the increasing subtle distinctions of real vs virtual life — one could easily be forgiven for getting confused by what exactly an NFT is? As most of you know by now, an NFT is a non fungible token— or put simply — Proof of ownership ofContinue reading “To NFT or not to NFT? That is the question.”

EXPOSED: Fake “Pump and Dump” Smear campaign targeted @Trademeproject

If you’ve been on the platform for even a short amount of time, you’ve probably heard the expression “pump and dump”— but what exactly is a pump and dump? Essentially, a pump and dump is an intentionally deceitful practice to inflate a CC with hype, driving the price up— for the schemers to then “dump”Continue reading “EXPOSED: Fake “Pump and Dump” Smear campaign targeted @Trademeproject”

EXCLUSIVE: Q+A with @twntyfour

To say this past year has been tough would be an understatement, but few industries have felt a bigger impact on their bottom line than the music industry, with live music basically becoming non-existent GLOBALLY overnight. Musicians, and artists en masse have had to adapt with the constantly changing, often scary, and uncertain times. EmergingContinue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Q+A with @twntyfour”

EXCLUSIVE: Q+A with Demi Skipper from @Trademeproject

If you’ve been on Bitclout over the last few days, you’ve probably come across the AMAZING content @Trademeproject is putting out there. Demi Skipper is the genius behind the meteoric success of their CC, and has been an early leader in the Bitclout community– providing a refreshing example of what social entrepreneurship can look like!Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Q+A with Demi Skipper from @Trademeproject”

What’s the ceiling to CC prices? .. And what exactly is a “Bonding Curve?”

Once the initial excitement starts to fade, and you realize that you’re going to have to put in the work to become a “Bitclout Billionaire”, all the intricacies and inner workings of coin value, growth, market caps, coins in circulation, and locked values can get pretty confusing— pretty quickly! Fundamentally, Creator Coins prices are linkedContinue reading “What’s the ceiling to CC prices? .. And what exactly is a “Bonding Curve?””