What happens when a Creator “Cashes Out”?

This is a question that has been circling around the inter-webs for the past few weeks, with more and more uncertainty and anxiety seeming to build— as it remains the last “Elephant in the Room” of Bitclout for many. Just like the complexity of the question itself— the answer is equally complicated, with nuances dependingContinue reading “What happens when a Creator “Cashes Out”?”

Alec Torelli

It’s still the early days, so it’s safe to assume everyone on the platform is tech savvy— to say the least.  But for digital entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and professional high stakes poker player Alec Torelli; this would be an understatement! Alec, in addition to being an early Bitclout superstar is the founder of Conscious Poker,Continue reading “Alec Torelli”

BitClout is paving a new path for creators of all kinds, and really has the potential to make a huge shift in the music industry specifically.

BBC (Before BitClout) you could support your favorite mainstream musicians by going to concerts, following them on social platforms, buying merch etc. But not a lot you could do to support newer growing musicians, producers, artists etc. UNTIL NOW.  Imagine being able to support unlimited artists + music producers you believe in , the opportunityContinue reading “BitClout is paving a new path for creators of all kinds, and really has the potential to make a huge shift in the music industry specifically.”

Re-Clouting is here, and its here to stay!

If you’ve been on the platform for some time now, you’ve been waiting for this– and probably have tried that illusive, but non-functioning button over and over again “just in case” to no avail! All of this has changed, and with such great power surely comes great responsibility! But how do you use the RCContinue reading “Re-Clouting is here, and its here to stay!”

Are Seed Phrases secure on Bitclout?

There has been a lot of speculation on the internet over the last few days, as to whether or not there is a breach in the bitclout network– that would give access to uses private log in info– essentially giving those who work on the backend, access to users accounts. This, if it were true,Continue reading “Are Seed Phrases secure on Bitclout?”

NFTs + Bitclout = ??!?!

Over the last few months you’ve probably heard the term NFTs come up from everywhere from CNN to your uncle Larry speculating who the next Beeple is. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of diving into the world of “Non-Fungible Tokens” (NFTs) or if your’e still unclear exactly what an NFT is–Continue reading “NFTs + Bitclout = ??!?!”


Engagement, engagement, engagement. It’s about creating authentic, helpful, relevant information and bringing value to the platform. Find likeminded creators and grow together, support your followers and invest in your investors! HOW TO PICK WHO TO INVEST IN? It’s a combination: 1. New accounts with low CC, make sure they are active and you believe inContinue reading “HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CREATOR COIN”