Bitclout Starting Guide

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Before you sign up

So you’re interested in Bitclout, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Wonderful! That’s precisely what we’ve put this guide together for! As with any new venture, its important to educate yourself before getting started.

Bitclout is an exciting new experiment, that’s allowing creators and their fans and investors to interact with each other like never before. Bitclout is essentially a crypto currency platform that allows creators to create their own “Creator Coin”, which can be purchased by fans and investors. By purchasing shares in coins, coin holders fortunes become tied with the rise and fall of said creator– giving fans a chance to participate on the upside.

Who are the Creators?

Anyone can be a creator! It’s relatively easy to create an account– currently all new users need is either a valid cellphone number that can be verified (a number is sent via text, which has to be entered when creating an account), or Bitcoin (which can be transfered into Bitclout– the currency on the platform used to purchase Creator Coins).

How do you create an account?

If a user chooses to use a cellphone for verification, there will be an auto deposit by the account titled “merlin”– which is required to access the platform (accounts need some money in them, otherwise they are disabled). There are quite a few reports of said merlin money not coming in– which is typically caused by server delays (that will sort themselves out if you are patient), but you can also reach out directly to Bitclout and ask for assistance.

Another work around to this issue (which may not arise for you, and we are confident will be resolved shortly) is to have a friend send a dollar to your account via your Public Key, which is displayed when creating an account.

How do you navigate the platform?

Bitclout, and its features are constantly evolving (and improving!)– but the fundamentals of the interface are:

Home – The home button takes you to your feeds, which are split into two categories “global” and “following”. Following is your list of followers, Global is a random mix of popular or trending posts.

Wallet – Your wallet is, as you might have suspected– where you can view your portfolio of CCs, as well as how many Bitclout you are holding.

Profile – Your profile is, as it name would suggest– where you can post your “Clouts’, and where you can see your history of posts.

Messages – The messaging feature definitely is on the lean side, as far as functions and features are concerned– but it should not be overlooked. Bitclout being relatively small still, compared to most social networks means that all users have relatively direct access to each other. Don’t be afraid to message big accounts– you may be surprised by the results!

Notifications – This is were the love happens! Notifications show you if people like your posts + comments, if they mention you in their posts + comments, or if they respond to you.


What is a Seed Phrase?

You will be given a phrase of a random bunch of words in a specific order and this is your only way to log in.

Screenshot it, copy and paste it into your notes, write it down on two pieces of paper and store them in different places in your house, literally anything you have to do, do it, and DO NOT LOSE IT!

If you lose it, there is no way to recover it. You will have to change your user name on current account (if you haven’t been logged out) and then make a new account. Only way.

What are Founder Rewards?

Your founders reward is the percentage of your CC that you get back, when someone purchases. Set your FR to 99% when you first sign up to avoid bots buying up your coin before you can. Then make sure to buy some of your own CC, lower the FR to accommodate your strategy, and have fun!

Whats a Creator Coin (CC)?

CC (Creator Coins) are the monetary value attached to your personal profile

How does your CC price increase?

Your CC price has two distinct ways to increase its value. First way is through investments. Investments can be made by other creators on the platform, and you can invest in your own CC as well.

Founders Reward %

This can be found in your profile and you can update it and change it at any time in the ‘update profile ’ tab on your profile page.

It is the % you make off of every investors investment into you. Setting it too high will discourage other creators to invest in you. But because of that you can use it to your advantage.

What can you do to increase your CC value?

Engagement, engagement, engagement. It’s about creating authentic, helpful, relevant information and bringing value to the platform.

Find likeminded creators and grow together, support your followers and invest in your investors!

What is a Public Key?

Your public key is your SHAREABLE password that others can use to securely transfer you funds.

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