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What is a Bitclout “Index Fund”, and should I invest?

In the world of Bitclout things happen fast.   It was little more than a few weeks ago, that the platform came into existence— and already there have been layers upon layers of innovation building new and exciting ways to utilize the platform. As with any emerging industry or market, those who adopt and perfectContinue reading “What is a Bitclout “Index Fund”, and should I invest?”

EXPOSED: Fake “Pump and Dump” Smear campaign targeted @Trademeproject

If you’ve been on the platform for even a short amount of time, you’ve probably heard the expression “pump and dump”— but what exactly is a pump and dump? Essentially, a pump and dump is an intentionally deceitful practice to inflate a CC with hype, driving the price up— for the schemers to then “dump”Continue reading “EXPOSED: Fake “Pump and Dump” Smear campaign targeted @Trademeproject”


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